Brrotherhood | ©nicolas Körner
©nicolas Körner
Short Film | 2019 | Germany

Project data

Length of movie20 Minuten

Brief synopsis

The short film titled "Brotherhood" tells the fictitious story of a teenager who, despite belonging to a xenophobic gang, makes a daring friendship with a Turkish man. A film about juvenile crime, racism, identity search and the relationship between two brothers.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Imad Mardnli
Amir [L]
Moritz SchilkJustin [L]
Armin SchillerKilian [L]
Florian Cem KesginkilicDealer [BP]
Rasmus Max WirthKioskbesitzer [BP]


Director of photographyDominik Ramsteck
2nd assistant cameraJohannes Rackl
DirectorNicolas Körner
Lighting technician / electricianMarvin Rizzo
Makeup artist / hair stylistRebecca Kottenbrink
ScreenwriterNicolas Körner
Production sound mixerPhilipp Merx
Sound designerDorian Barbera


PremiereTuesday, 26/11/2019