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Fox in a Hole

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    Feature Film | 2019-2020 | Drama | Austria

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting01/07/2019
    End of shooting16/08/2019
    Filming regionsAustria

    Brief synopsis

    Forty-year-old Hannes Fuchs is an ambitious middle-school teacher. He starts a new job as a teacher in a prison school. His main aspiration is to help the students. Fuchs is a deeply hurt man, hoping to redeem his past mistakes by choosing this, the most challenging of schools, as his workplace. There, he is forced to confront his biggest fear. He will rediscover his own buried creativity and lust for life, reminding him why he became a teacher in the first place. A major role in this process will be played by withdrawn Muslim inmate Samira. A touching story about a prison school for minors, told from the point of view of the newly arrived teacher who is well outside his comfort zone. The film, inspired by a teacher from Vienna, examines how the Austrian penal system treats minors.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Luna Jordan
    Samira Spahic [L]
    Aleksandar PetrovicHannes Fuchs [L]
    Maria HofstätterElisabeth Berger [L]
    Anica DobraLeyla [SR]
    Angelika StrahserFrau Vogler [SR]
    Joshua JagersbergerBaumgartinger [SR]
    Sibel KekilliKetabi [SR]
    Andreas LustWeber [SR]
    Michaela SchausbergerLuger [SR]
    Lukas WatzlEder [SR]
    John SmileJunior Mbakou [SR]
    Thomas MomcinovicVuković [SR]
    Lupo GrujcicTrauergast [BP]
    Margot BinderÄrztin [BP]
    Roman BinderPolizist [BP]
    Christian HolzmannTraktbeamter [BP]
    Wolfgang Rupert MuhrGeorg JVB [BP]


    Director of photographyMario Minichmayr
    1st assistant cameraJulian Stampfer
    2nd assistant cameraRaoul Schoisengeier
    A-Cam substitute for 2 days
    A-Cam substitute for 2 days
    2nd assistant cameraClara Schemmel
    Costume designerMonika Buttinger
    DirectorArman Riahi
    1st AD (local system)Moshe Kvitelashvili
    2nd AD crowd (local system)Lisa Buchsteiner
    Script continuityNina Mayrhofer
    EditorJoana Scrinzi
    EditorKarina Ressler
    Key gripEmmanuel Aubry
    Lighting technician / electricianFelix Pochlatko
    Makeup artist / hair stylistFatma Reil
    ComposerKarwan Marouf
    ProducerKarin C. Berger
    ProducerArash T. Riahi
    Production designerMartin Reiter
    Assistant production designerJana Druskovic
    Additional location scoutAlexander Stecher
    Graphic artistConny Brizsak
    Graphic Props
    Graphic Props
    Unit managerReinhard Weißensteiner
    Location manager (local system)Lukas Meisterhofer
    Assistant set/floor managerKerstin Glachs
    ScreenwriterArman Riahi
    Production sound mixerAtanas Tcholakov
    Sound re-recording mixerManuel Meichsner
    Sound designerNils Kirchhoff

    Distributing companies

    Luna Filmverleih GmbH [at]
    Rendezvous Filmverleih [de]
    Germany (theatrical), 2022
    Germany (theatrical), 2022


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Anica Dobra2021German Drama Award [de]Strong performanceNominated
    Karina Ressler2021Diagonale [at]Beste künstlerische Montage SpielfilmWinner
    Maria Hofstätter2021Günter Rohrbach Film Award Foundation [en]Performer AwardWinner
    Maria Hofstätter2021German Drama Award [en]actress in a leading roleWinner
    Arman Riahi2021Max Ophüls Preis [de]SpielfilmNominated
    Arman Riahi2021fsff - Fünf Seen Festival [de]Fünf Seen FilmpreisNominated
    Arman Riahi2021Diagonale [at]SpielfilmNominated
    Arman Riahi2021fsff - Fünf Seenfestival [de]Dachs-DrehbuchpreisWinner
    Arman Riahi2021Günter Rohrbach Film Award Foundation [en]Prize of the Saarland Medien GmbHWinner
    Arman Riahi2021Max Ophüls Preis [de]Beste RegieWinner


    2021GermanyMax Ophüls Film FestivalWettbewerb Spielfilm & Talente Nominierung
    2021GermanyBiberach Festival
    2020PolandWarsaw Film FestivalCategory international competition


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 19/05/2022
    Theatre releaseAustriaFriday, 18/06/2021