TV Series | Episodes 1-12 | 2012-2013 | Biography, Drama | Russia

Main data

DirectorSergei Borchukov
Written byVladimir Sotnikov (head writer), Anna Berseneva (head writer)
ProductionFavorit Film [ru]
DistributorFilm.UA Group [ua]

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Brief synopsis

1996 Russia. A government subsidized delegation heads to Bulgaria to meet the prophet and contemporary marvel- Vanga. A TV crew joins the delegates hoping to interview the extraordinary woman. Among the group, Vanga singles out an intern, Alisa, who will bear witness to Vanga's heart-rending confession. As the woman's narrative slowly unfolds, we discover a love lost in the midst of war, numerous hardships during the post-war period and learn the secret of Vanga's mysterious past. The events will intertwine with key figures in the history of mankind: Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Yuri Gagarin. Vanga weaves the story into an elaborate net of interconnected events which spiral into a fixed past, the immediate present but a future open to those willing to see.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Evgeniy KnyazevOtec Vangi [L]
Karina RazumovskayaAlisa Varezhkina [L]
Alissa AtanassovaEpileptic Girl [BP]


Director of photographyVadim Gomerbakh
DirectorSergei Borchukov
EditorAlina Gishar
Freelance producerViktor Mirskiy
Freelance producerAnatoliy Chizhikov
Freelance producerNataliya Chizhikova
Freelance producerSergey Kulikov
Head writerVladimir Sotnikov
Head writerAnna Berseneva

Production companies

Favorit Film [ru]

Distributing companies

Film.UA Group [ua]