Feature Film | 2017 | Comedy | Bulgaria

Main data

DirectorGeorgi Kostov
Written byGeorgi Kostov (head writer)
ProductionMedia Productions [bg]
DistributorMedia Productions [bg]

Project data

Length of movie100 min

Brief synopsis

Jean (Ivo Arakov) is a loser still living with his parents. He falls in love with his new colleague - Dayan (Elena Boeva). That is why Jean enrolls for a special seduction course in order to find a way to her heart. Will he succeed?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ivo ArakovJean [L]
Elena BoevaDayan [L]
Alissa AtanassovaPetya [SR]


Director of photographyKaloyan Bozhilov
Casting directorZlateto Keremedchieva
DirectorGeorgi Kostov
Head writerGeorgi Kostov

Production companies

Media Productions [bg]

Distributing companies

Media Productions [bg]