Indie Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Horror | USA

Project data

Length of movie105 min.


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Brief synopsis

Two Japanese sisters come to Los Angeles for the first time, during their travels they are invited to a Chicken Party, a place to make international friends. At first the party is nice and fun, but by the end of the night it turns into a nightmare and the sisters must get out before they are killed.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Megumi KabeKoume Watanabe [L]
Ami ShimadaSakura Watanabe [L]
Saskia VinkhuyzenSamantha [L]
Schafer BourneBryan [SR]
Tea Wagner
Sarah [SR]


director of photographyChris Haggerty
directorCarlos R. Valencia
editorAndy Reyes
composerJason Elkins
producerDanielle Petrella
producerCarlos R. Valencia
executive producerPaul Dalusong
executive producerHector Vasquez
associate producerRichard G. Cabeza
associate producerAlejandro Araujo
associate producerChristian Arias
production designerDanielle Parent
screenwriterCarlos R. Valencia

Production companies

Casanova Pictures [us]


2019USAPhoenix Film Festival
2018USARiverside International Film Festival