©Daniel Alvarenga
©Daniel Alvarenga

If you want peace

  • Zauberberg (Working title)
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Indie Feature Film | 2019 | Psychodrama | Germany

Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting02.01.2019
End of shooting17.01.2019

Project data

Length of movie100 Min.
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)

Behind the scenes


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  • Trailer/Video on Youtube

Brief synopsis

Johannes Lukas is a young man who despite his 30 years has not yet achieved much in life. He only wants to bring a few books to his mother, who has recently been moving to an old people's home, when he discovers a forgotten film in a drawer in her apartment. To make her happy, he has the film developed. In the photos, however, he does not discover his mother, but himself, accompanied by a beautiful woman whom he cannot remember. He finds out that it is his girlfriend Sarah Völkl who died in a car accident in which he lost his memory. He is still trying to process what he has discovered when he suddenly meets Sarah Völkl on the street.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Oliver Troska
Johannes Lukas [L]
Julia GruberNathalie Schütz [L]
Isabelle ReißbergSarah Völkl [L]
Reiner WagnerThomas [L]
Lars SmekalPortier [GS]
Christian StockDr. Oliver Arnstedt [SR]
Alexandra CiuckaPolizistin [SR]
Julia Domke
Kellnerin Marie [SR]
Lena GhioFotografin [SR]
Thomas MoritzPolizist [SR]
Anton StegerSeelsorger [SR]
Barbara TrottmannSchwester Kerstin [SR]


Director of photographyFelix Lang [1]
Steadicam operatorFelix Lang [1]
1st assistant cameraChristian Strohmer
1st assistant cameraLukas Alberter
1st assistant cameraJulien Wachter
DirectorDaniel Alvarenga
Makeup artistYvonne Schirm
Unit production managerVeit Störmer
ScreenwriterDaniel Alvarenga
Production sound mixerBranislav Klukovic

Production companies

Alvarenga Productions


2019GermanyIndieNuts Awards


PremiereSaturday, 28th September, 2019IndieNuts (Oberammergau)