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Find me in Paris

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    TV Series | Episodes 1-26 | 2017-2018 | Children, Drama, Family Entertainment, Fantasy, Youth | Belgium, France, Germany

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    LocationsFrance & Belgium

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    Length of episode26 Min.
    Episodes from/to1-26

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    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jessica LordLena Grisky [SS]
    Castle Rock PetersJeff Chase [SS]
    Rory J. SaperMax Alvarez [SS]
    Christy O'DonnellHenri Duquet [SS]
    Hiran AbeysekeraDash Khan [SS]
    Ingo BroschVictor Duquet (14 episodes) [SS]
    Christy O'DonnellDash Khan [SSR]Dirk Petrick


    1st ADEstelle Chauvin1st AD - B UNIT
    Casting directorStephanie Gorin
    Casting directorMichaël Bier
    Casting directorAmanda Tabak
    Casting directorFrédérique Barkoff
    Casting directorAmy Wright
    Costume designerChouchane Abello-Tcherpachian
    DirectorRandall Thorne13 episodes
    DirectorMatt Bloom13 episodes
    EditorSandrine Deegen11 episodes
    EditorSoline Guyonneau13 episodes
    ComposerNorbert Gilbert
    Production designerLaurent Avoyne
    Location scoutCarole ReinhardPreproduction scouting
    Assistant location managerFrançois Pichon
    CreatorLori Mather-Welch
    CreatorJill Girling

    Production companies

    Cottonwood Media [fr]
    Be Films [be]coproduction
    ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen [de]coproduction
    ZDF Enterprises GmbH [de]coproduction
    Opéra national de Paris [fr]coproduction

    Distributing companies

    ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen [de]Germany TV


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyZDF [de]Sunday, 11/11/2018, 7.45 AM
    First showingUSAHuluSaturday, 14/04/2018