Brücken Poster (Feb. 2019) | © Marjolein Kleinsman
© Marjolein Kleinsman


  • Sonnenaufgang (Working title)
Short Film | 2018-2019 | Social Drama | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days6

Project data

Length of movie23 Min.
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)

Brief synopsis

Hannes lives a live without prospects. Time just passes by whenever he is around his friends. Without worries, without fear. On one of their latest wanderings he looses his temper and hurts an innocent.
But he does not flee from the police only.

Nia does not understand the world. Her father left her a long time ago while her mother hectors her.
The moment those two lost souls meet one another, Nia is ready to jump. But within him she finds an unexpected ally...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Gianna DolciNia [L]
Musa GülhanHannes [L]
Tom DermanowiczJulian [SR]
Florentin EikelmannAlex [SR]
Romeo KumarCem [SR]
Johannes LangolfAndré [SR]
Juliane LedwochNias Mutter [SR]
Lukas LüdekingThorsten [SR]
Olcayto UsluKioskbesitzer [SR]
Philipp Burkhard WinklerFrederick [SR]


director of photographyLukas Kleimt
steadicam operatorOliver Waldbillig
1st assistant cameraMarjolein Kleinsman
2nd assistant cameraLeon Jendrejewski
casting directorSimone Herhut
casting directorJannik Lange
casting directorMarjolein Kleinsman
casting directorLeon Jendrejewski
directorJannik Lange
storyboard artistMarjolein Kleinsman
editorLeon Jendrejewski
crane operatorVincent Amadeus Nickel
makeup artistLou Smolny
makeup artistViola Besemer
makeup artistMeryem Hicran Atli
freelance producerMarjolein Kleinsman
set runnerAlexandra Schmitz
set runnerJan Müller [5]
set runnerGlenn Atienza
set runnerKadidja Hackforth
screenwriterJannik Lange
production sound mixerPhilip Langefeld
production sound mixerJäger Martin
boom operatorDennis Mertens
boom operatorTom Kunzelmann
stunt coordinatorStuntteam-Walter März GmbH
coloristLeon Jendrejewski
pr photographerWinand Lange
promotioncoordinatorMarjolein Kleinsman