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© ZDFneo/Gordon Muehle
TV Series | 2018-2019 | Funk [de], ZDFneo [de] | Coming of Age | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting22/10/2018
End of shooting20/12/2018
LocationsAhrensfelde und Umgebung

Brief synopsis

"DRUCK" is the German adaptation of the Norwegian hit series "SKAM" by author and director Julie Andem. The horizontally narrated series, which is aimed at 14- to 20-year-olds, covers all the important topics of this formative phase of life: first love, friendships with all their ups and downs, the pressure to perform at school, outings, the increasing separation from the family or even bullying. The contents should be authentic and close to the target group's attitude to life. In order to present the characters as realistically as possible, the personal skills and hobbies of the largely unknown young actors were integrated into the plot.

The first season of "DRUCK" focuses on 16-year-old Hanna. Until recently, she was one of the most popular girls at school and the focus of her clique. But ever since she stole her best friend Leonie's boyfriend, she's been left on her own: Only her boyfriend Jonas and his best friend Matteo still stick by her. Little by little Hanna meets Mia, Kiki, Amira Thalia and Sam from her year. Although the girls are fundamentally different and have different values, they slowly become friends. But then Hanna's relationship with Jonas is suddenly on the brink: She learns that he still has secret contact with Leonie.

In the second season, the girls' crew of Hanna, Mia, Kiki, Sam and Amira revolves around the emotional world of smart Mia Winter. She is a self-confident and feminist young woman who fights for independence in the harsh reality of everyday life in the upper school and doesn't put up with anything from men - if it weren't for Alexander, who makes sure that Mia loses her inner compass more and more: Isn't the heart in reality just a manipulable, unreliable organ that gets you in deep shit?

In the third season everything will be different, because now it's all about the boys' emotional world. The clique around Jonas, Matteo, Carlos and Abdi has to prepare for high school graduation, but friendships, sex and the first big love always keep them from doing so. But do you prefer to act cool and keep your feelings to yourself, or is it worth risking everything and maybe getting really hurt?

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Milena Tscharntke
Mia Winter [SS]
Lilly Charlotte DreesenHanna Jung [SS]
Lea Zoe VossKiki Machwitz [SS]
Tua El-FawwalAmira Mahmoud [SS]
Jobel MokonziSam M'Pele [SS]
Florian Appelius
Hans Brecht [SSR]
Anselm Bresgott
Jonas Augustin [SSR]
Michelangelo Fortuzzi
Matteo Florenzi [SSR]
Arda Görkem
Abdi Ates [SSR]
Pablo Grant
Samuel Fischer [SSR]
Andreas Nickl
Vater von Hanna [SSR]
Juliane SchützeLeonie Richter [SSR]
Ada Philine StappenbeckLinn Shira [SSR]
Luise Emilie TschersichSara Adamczyk [SSR]
Chris VeresAlexander Hardenberg [SSR]
Lukas von HorbatschewskyDavid [L]
Kalle PerlmutterRentier [SRE]
Naomi AchternbuschLaura [SR]
Carl BagnarStefan [SR]
Sabine Beck-BaruthKrankenschwester Frau Müller [SR]
Robert DudekMichi Kranz [SR]
Nina ErnstFrau Breidscheidt [SR]
Rocco HauffJochen, Vater von Mia [SR]
Tibor Locher
General Neuhaus [SR]
Fenya Marie SchoofJule Sinja Grundmann [SR]
Malte ThomsenBjörn [SR]


Production accountantCordula RakowskiBantry Bay
Assistant production accountantNicole Schink
Post production supervisorSaskia Veigel
ColoristTobias WiedmerGrading Season 1, 4 episodes
ColoristLukas HäuslerFinal Grading
ColoristJakob Ihde1. Staffel, SDR, Cine Chromatix
Director of photographyAnne BolickAlexa Mini I Cookes S2
Director of photographyTobias KoppeAlexa Mini / Kowa Lenses / 4 episodes
Director of photographyJohannes PrausGerman Cinematography Award 2020 - Nomination
Director of photographyJonas Schmager3. Staffel / Folge 24 -27 / Regie: Pola Beck
Director of photographyJuan Sarmiento G.Regie: Pola Beck
Director of photographyJohannes LouisS01E01-E10 / S04E2 D: Pola Beck
2nd unit dopPhilipp Meise
Camera operatorMichael Terhorst7 Drehtage
1st assistant cameraGökhan Balseven
1st assistant cameraPatrick Goetz2. Staffel
1st assistant cameraPhilipp Hoch3. Staffel/1.Block DP: Anne Bolick
Casting directorAngelika Buschina
Extras/bit player castingEmil Stege
Costume designerLaura Jasmin Schäffler3.Staffel 1.Block
Costume designerSophie Klebba
Assistant costume designerEvelyn Carhuas Luna2. Staffel 1. Block und 3. Staffel 2. Block
WardrobeLisa Reuter
Additional wardrobeCharlotte Sagert
DirectorTom Lass
DirectorJano Ben Chaabane
DirectorPola Beck
DirectorChris Miera
1st AD (local system)Kathleen Döbbel
1st AD (local system)Maria Ochs
EditorTill Ufer4 episodes season 3, 3 episodes season 4
EditorMarc Böhlhoff3 Folgen, Staffel 4, R: Luzie Loose | Avid
EditorDavid HartmannFolgen 11-13, 18-20, 24-27
EditorFelix RudekFolge 14-17 // Regie: Jano Ben Chaabane
GafferBeda Mulzer
Additional make up artistGerda Ziegler
ProducerJan Kromschröder
ProducerLasse Scharpen
ProducerEva Kaesgen
ProducerEdgar Derzian
Creative producerAlexander Lindh
Production designerDorothee Bodelschwingh
Production designerClaudia Steinert3. Staffel
Assistant production designerJulien WeizenhöferFolge 11 - 13
Standby propsNicole Dobrinski
Set dresserSandra PfeilWG Matteo
Set dresserSaga FerminWG Matteo
Location scoutSilvia Eisenhut
Set builderChristian Wilde
Set builderArif Seletli
Graphic artistStefanie Butscheidt
Graphic artistBo Soremsky
Line producerGeorg Bonhoeffer
Production managerSaskia Veigel
Production managerOlav HenkVorbereitung/Senderkalkulation
Production managerDietmar Fischer
Production coordinatorNina Poschinski
Production coordinatorPatrick Bohndorffür ZDF Neo August 2018
Assistant production managerHelene WieblitzStaffel 2
Unit managerLukas Helming+ Motiv-AL / Staffel 2
Set manager/ floor managerPavel Bozhilov2 Staffel
Production driverOlaf Grützner2 Wochen, Berlin & Umgebung
ScreenwriterAlexander Lindh
ScreenwriterJulia Penner
ScreenwriterJano Ben Chaabane
ScreenwriterSandra Stöckmann
ScreenwriterMoritz Klausing
ScreenwriterToks Körner
ScreenwriterJanna Nandzik
ScreenwriterJonas Lindt
Production sound mixerJens Müller3 Drehtage
Production sound mixerOliver Grafe
Production sound mixerTim Altrichter

Production companies

Bantry Bay Productions GmbH [de]


Extras/Bit PlayerAgentur Iris Müller OHG
Extras/Bit Playerpolizeiteam.deUnipolis, Uniformen
Finance/Law/InsurancePauls BüroKomparsenabrechnung
Finance/Law/InsuranceTeamwork-Filmservice GmbH
Production ServicesKaffee-Service Berlin Peter Ganss GmbHEspresso-Service
CostumesLEON ActionteamPolizei Uniformen
CostumesWas ihr wolltKB: Sophie Klebba
PropsFTA Film- und Theater-Ausstattung GmbHalle Bereiche
PropsHahn-GrafixGraphic Artist


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Bantry Bay Productions GmbH [de]2019Grimme Preis [de]Kinder & JugendNominated
Johannes Praus2020German Cinematography Award [de]TV Featurefiction / SeriesNominated
Lukas von Horbatschewsky2020Bunte New Faces Award [de]Bester NachuchsschauspielerNominated


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyZDFneo [de]Friday, 21/12/2018