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Our time will come

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    Short Film | 2017 | Drama | Austria

    Brief synopsis

    One bankheist, one escape and an unexpected ending for the recent criminal couple Frieda and Frank. Frieda is forced to decide between her own happiness and her unborn child.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Sabrina Reiter
    Frieda [L]
    Julian SharpFrank [L]
    Gerda DrabekBrigitte [GS]
    Ferry ÖllingerManfred [GS]
    Martin Müller [1]Thomas [SR]
    Martin Schlager [1]Michael [SR]


    director of photographyAnna Hawliczek
    costume designerElisabeth Fritsche
    directorDaniel Prochaska
    directorSabrina Reiter
    1st assistant directorArmin Watznauer
    makeup artist / hair stylistKiky von Rebental
    makeup artistTom Mayr
    production designerVeronika Tupy
    Post Production AssistantDaniel KainzProduktionsassistent
    head writerSabrina Reiter
    head writerThomas Christian Eichtinger
    co-writerMarie-Therese Thill

    Production companies

    Das Rund GmbH [at]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Sabrina Reiter2017Calcutta Int. Cult Film Festival [in]Outstanding Achievement AwardWinner