Butterflies in Berlin | © Monica Manganelli
Short Feature Film | 2018 | Animation, Drama, History, Society, Transsexualism | Germany
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    Brief synopsis

    Alex kommt 1932 nach Berlin, um seinen Platz in der Welt zu finden und um seine sexuelle Identität zu verstehen. Er wird eine der ersten operierten Transsexuellen in der Geschichte sein, leider genau während des Aufstiegs des Nationalsozialismus.

    (Quelle: BKM)


    The life of a man narrated through 4 passages that represent his physical and spiritual transformation, as 4 are the Metamorphosis of the butterfly (egg, caterpillar, pupa and adult). Film is set in Berlin during the Weimar’s Republic (1930’s), while was a hub of social and sexual freedom. Alex, a Jewish man feels like a girl trapped inside a men’s body. He meets doctor Magnus Hirschfeld and finally he finds comfort to his soul in torment. Desperately confused in consultation with dott. Hirschfeld, one of the most eminent and controversial sexologists, “he” decided to become “she”, (Alex becomes Alexandra). But Hitler’s rise is coming and nothing is like before, a current of discrimination and hatred towards the Jews and “deviant people” invaded Germany. After the surgical operations, her transformation of the body also corresponds in a new life and identity. Through her new identity Alexandra will be forced to deal with her roots and sense of responsibility to save lives.

    (Quelle: Monica Manganelli)


    Director's DepartmentdirectorMonica Manganelli
    ProducerproducerAntonio Padovani

    Production companies

    Alex Cinematografica [it]
    Latteplus UG [de]