Documentary Feature | 2019 | Doku, Family, Women | Germany, Morocco, Qatar
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    Brief synopsis

    Das Porträt einer Bauernfamilie, die in den Riffbergen, einer marginalisierten Region Marokkos, lebt und ihren Lebensunterhalt ausschließlich mit dem Anbau von Kannabis bestreitet. Der Film erforscht das damit verbundene Tabu, das auf den Familien und deren Kindern lastet, die wiederum die Arbeit ihrer Eltern in ihrem Spiel spiegeln.
    Quelle: Robert-Bosch-Stiftung

    Behind Closed Doors’ is a portrait of a farming family living in one of the most marginalised regions of northern Morocco. Only one thing grows in their brutal climate: kif. This taboo is seen through the eyes of the children, who learn the gestures of growing the illicit crop before their mother tongue. This is a film about parents fighting to provide role models against all odds. They inherited the lands, and stand somewhere between the fear of selling out their roots and the dream of fleeing.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Carina Neubohn
    Director's DepartmentdirectorYakout Elhababi
    ProducerproducerHind SaihMarokko
    ProducerproducerYakout Elhababi
    Producerproducer Jasper Mielke
    ProducerproducerKaroline HenkelDeutschland
    ProducerproducerCyriac Auriol
    Producerproducer Arto Sebastian
    ScreenplayscreenwriterYakout Elhababi

    Production companies

    Les Films Du Requin [fr]
    Wood Water Films [de]