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Shooting data

Start of shooting08.11.2017
End of shooting20.06.2018

Project data

Episodes from/to1-6


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Ilan GalkoffBrian [SS]
Michael SheenAziraphale [SS]
Sam Taylor BuckAdam Young [SSR]
Lourdes FaberesPollution [SSR]
David TennantCrowley [SSR]
 Michel DiercksJ Braun [BP]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyGavin Finney
Castingcasting directorSuzanne Smith
Castingcasting directorChrista Shamberger
Costume Departmentcostume designerClaire Anderson
Director's DepartmentdirectorDouglas Mackinnon
EditingeditorWilliam Oswald
EditingeditorEmma Oxley
MusiccomposerDavid Arnold
ScreenplayscreenwriterTerry Pratchett
ScreenplayscreenwriterNeil Gaiman

Production companies

BBC Studios [uk]


Department CompanyComment
ProductionFinance/Law/Insurance SetkeeperProduction Software