Short Film | 2018 | Black Comedy, Crime, Drama | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days4

Project data

Length of movie8
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

A squad of small-time criminals take advantage of the beautiful blonde’s Judy’s (Alena Bacher) drugaddiction to come by a valuable diamondnecklace. With the help of her alleged bodyguard, Judy classily causes confusion in a jewellery store. The diamondnecklace – not for the last time – changes hands and so the scenario takes off.

First everything seems to be working out fine but with the doctor’s (Aleksandra Simic) help Mrs. Windermere manages to oust the criminals. They do so in very charming feminine, but nonetheless very ruthless and irrevocable manner.

As soon as the audience feels a sense of security the two villians take back the action and arrange a brutally romantic finale. As you may imagine it is not your typical happy ending but more a twisted resolving of events that brings the jeweller Mrs. Windermere (Barbara von Münchhausen) and her employee Mr. Philips (Thomas Goersch) out to be victorious at last.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Alena PolzerJudy [L]
Toni GojanovicDoug [SR]
Laura PletzerTracy [SR]
Aleksandra SimicDoctor [SR]
Barbara von MünchhausenMrs. Windermere [SR]
Akeem ArcherGrover [SR]
Thomas GörschMr. Phillips [SR]
Bodo ReimchenSteve [SR]
Sascha BartholdPolice Officer#2
Dieter BäuerleSecurity Guard
Kurt Kilian EiflerPolice Officer#1


Concept artist (vfx)Kurt Kilian Eifler
Title designerKurt Kilian Eifler
ColoristFabiana Cardalda
Director of photographyThomas Ch. Weber
Camera operatorJonathan Heidrich
1st assistant cameraDavid Gork
2nd assistant cameraBenedikt Müller
Casting directorThomas Görsch
Costume designerClaudia Flasche
DirectorFelix Meinhardt
Sony FS7
Sony FS7
1st AD (local system)Emily Crucy
Script continuityAlexey Kashaev
Storyboard artistZdravko Jandric
EditorTanja Zilg
Trailer editorBence Gordos
Key gripSascha Reinhardt
GripOliver Weiss [1]
GafferStefan Bodenhaupt
Lighting technician / electricianSebastian Schwab
Lighting technician / electricianMatthias Allner
Makeup artist / hair stylistJessica Lang
Makeup artistOlga Koroc
Hair stylistKerstin Reichert
ComposerNatalia Dittrich
ProducerNiles Maxwell
ProducerFelix Meinhardt
Assistant to producerSara Azarmi
Assistant to producerAntonia Benz
Line producerLuci Spretke
Assistant to line producerAlexandra Zimmermann
Assistant to line producerBettina M. Treichel
Assistant production managerLea Wang
Location manager (local system)Kurt Kilian Eifler
Production driverAlexander Nießl
Production driverFelix Köhler
Production sound mixerTimo Hermes
Boom operatorSebastian Schlenker
Boom operatorDaniel Metzger
Sound designerStefan Block
Occupational safety specialistCody-Allen O'Christian
Pr photographerGero Gröschel

Distributing companies

Aug&Ohr Medien [de]
Film Festival Agency
Film Festival Agency


Film Processing/TransfersBewegte Bilder Medien GmbH
Sound (Postproduction)BLOCK S Audio-Produktion


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Felix Meinhardt2018Filmschau Baden-Württemberg [de]Nominated


2019GermanyInt. Fünf Seen FilmfestivalNominiert für den Kurzfilmpreis
2018USA14th Annual Durango Independent Film Festival
2018India1st Kiffi-Jaipur 2018 Kaaryat International Film Festival of India
2018Germany24th Filmschau Baden-Württemberg
2018Greece2nd Anatomy Crime - Horror International Film Festival
2018USASilicon Beach Film Festival
2018Spain1st Capital Filmmakers Festival Madrid
2018USA2nd Lanett City Film Festival
2018USA1st Silver State Film Festival
2018CroatiaTrash Film Festival