© Bernhard Hetzenauer
Short Documentary | 2017 | Germany, Mexico

    Brief synopsis

    Chon, a member of the Native Mexican Wirrárika community, tells the story of his cousin Faustino, a shaman’s son. In the 1980s he had proclaimed himself god and spiritual leader, threatening neighboring villages together with an armed group.
    Quelle: crossingeurope.at


    director of photographyBernhard Hetzenauer
    directorBernhard Hetzenauer
    editorBernhard Hetzenauer
    producerMarko Mijatovic
    screenwriterBernhard Hetzenauer

    Production companies

    Filmatelier 5 [mx]
    Hetzenauer & Mijatovic Produktion


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Bernhard Hetzenauer2018Crossing Europe Film Festival [at]Innovative Award - Local ArtistWinner