Feature Film | 2018 | Action, Comedy | Germany
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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Karoline HerfurthFranny [L]
Hannah HerzsprungMel [L]
Frederick LauHarry [L]
Anneke Kim SarnauIngrid von Kaiten [L]
 Nilam Farooq
 Frederic Linkemann
 Mona Pirzad
Katrin Sass
David Schütter
Ronald Zehrfeld


Accounting Dept.production accountant Rabeah Hinrichs
Camera Departmentdirector of photographyDaniel Gottschalk
Camera Departmentcamera operator Florian J. RaaschC-Kamera
Camera Departmentcamera operator Michael PraunB-Cam Operator/ 41 days
Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Michael PraunB-Cam/ 41 shooting days/ ARRI TRINITY
Camera Department1st assistant camera Johnny FeurerA-Camera
Camera Department1st assistant camera Daniella SchadrinC-Cam
Camera Department1st assistant camera Jan GrunwaldB-Cam
Camera Department1st assistant camera Daniel ErbZusatz C-Cam
Camera Department2nd ac second assistant camera Wesley SalamoneB-Cam

Production companies

 Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion GmbH


Department CompanyComment
CameraCameras and Utilities Vantage Film GmbH
CameraGrip ARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH
CameraGrip DIGICOPTER®Drohne Action RED 6K
In Front of the CameraExtras/Bit Player Agentur Filmgesichter | Johanna Ragwitz
In Front of the CameraExtras/Bit Player Berlin City Cops
In Front of the CameraStunts Filmpferde.comPferdestunts
LightingLighting and Utilities ARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH
ProductionFinance/Law/Insurance adag Payroll Services GmbHKomparsenabrechnung
ProductionTransportation, Travel and Accomodation AP MovieSet Dec Transporte
Production DesignProps Hahn-GrafixGraphic Artist