Short Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Coming of Age | USA
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Shooting data

Number of shooting days6

Project data

Length of movie17'
Picture material negativeARRI RAW

    Brief synopsis


    Late blooming Sam Rains finally gets her first period at the annual all-night skate. At first a triumph, her new condition brings strange side effects. An eerie electrical problem has the kids talking about “the Boogeywoman,” a local legend, a sorceress, who feeds on men’s souls and eats little girls. When a friend leaks about Sam’s period, the boys tell her she’s fair game for the Boogeywoman. Sam leaves the skating rink in a fever only to meet the legend in the flesh. Instead of a monster, Sam finds a mother, a goddess, a mentor--opening the door to womanhood.



    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Albrecht von GrünhagenAlexa Mini
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Konstantin Minnich
    Director's DepartmentdirectorErica Scoggins
    Lightinggaffer Jonathan Baneteau
    ProducerproducerDakin Cranwell
    ProducerproducerSinah Ober
    ProducerproducerIan Flannery

    Production companies

    Ian Flannery Production [us]