• Bunker (Working title)
Indie Feature Film | 2016-2018 | Drama | Albania

Main data

DirectorKast Hasa
Written byKast Hasa
ProductionCinekast, Kast Hasa [al]

Brief synopsis

Communist Albania, 1982 - FRIDA, a beautiful 18 year old is in love with ARTUR, a handsome city boy whose family is politically at odds with the totalitarian government. Frida’s Father, MAKSIM, sees this relationship as trouble and forces his daughter into a prompt engagement with OPERATIVE TOMORR GANA, a powerful party member and a field agent. Events take a turn when NICK NURI, an Albanian - American, repatriates. This leads to the internment of Artur’s family from the city to the internment section of Frida’s village.
Life in the internment village is hard for the Kulla family. They are not allowed to leave and must be present for roll call and whatever work they are assigned. For Artur, internment means he can no longer complete his education nor see Frida, even though they now live just a hundred meters apart.

Eventually, Frida, answers Artur's invitation for a final, goodbye meeting in a secret place, before he carries on with his dangers plan, to flee the country. But Operative, tracks them down and discovers their secret place. He bursts in on them, only to bring an unforeseen ending for everyone. (


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Krist BaciArtur Kulla [L]
Enxhi CukuFrida Dushku [L]
Klodian HoxhaOperative Tomorr Gana [L]
 Arjeton OsmaniViktor Kulla [L]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAndrew Parke
Costume Departmentcostume designerKlaudia Ndreshaj
Director's DepartmentdirectorKast Hasa
EditingeditorKast Hasa
Production Designproduction designerSabri Basha
ScreenplayscreenwriterKast Hasa

Production companies

Cinekast, Kast Hasa [al]