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  • Vangardist - Pink Triangle Movement. Setz ein Zeichen (Working title)
Commercial | 2018 | Austria

Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days1
LocationsKZ Mauthausen

Project data

Length of movie90"
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material negativeProRes


Brief synopsis

Eighty years since the construction of Mauthausen, one of the World War II Concentration Camps where homosexual men were imprisoned and forced to wear a Pink Triangle as a marker of their sexuality, Vangardist Magazine collaborate with Mauthausen Memorial to call for an alliance against contemporary violations of LGBTQI+ rights all around the world to reclaim the Pink Triangle as a symbol opposing homophobia and a petition to implore António Guterres, UN Secretary-General to stand up to the United Nations for the abolishment of homophobic laws.


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Anna Hawliczek
Camera Departmentdrone camera operatorRaffael Portugal
Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Lukas Köchler
Camera Department1st assistant camera Camillo Foramitti
Camera Department2nd assistant cameraPhilipp Tröstner
Director's DepartmentdirectorChristoph Kuschnig
Lightinggaffer Jan Polak

Production companies

PPM 2.0 GmbH [at]