Short Film | 2016-2017 | Drama | Germany, USA

Project data

Length of movie28 Min.

    Brief synopsis

    When a young factory worker is killed in an accident, six men must bring his body home and get lost while taking a shortcut through a dark forest. A terrifying encounter turns to welcome relief that gives the men the courage to complete their tragic journey.


    director of photographyMatan Radin
    directorGabrielle Pfeiffer
    producerGabrielle Pfeiffer
    screenwriterGabrielle Pfeiffer

    Production companies

    Grit Pix LLC [us]
    Syrreal Entertainment GmbH

    Distributing companies

    aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Gabrielle Pfeiffer2017Birmingham Film Festival [uk]Best Short FilmNominated
    Gabrielle Pfeiffer2017North Carolina Film Award [us]President's PrizeWinner
    Gabrielle Pfeiffer2017Birmingham Film Festival [uk]Best CostumesWinner