The Mayor's Race | © Loraine Blumenthal / Rob Mitchell
Documentary | 2017-2018 | Germany

Project data

Length of movie80 Min.


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Brief synopsis

A film about a man who rises from a Bristol ghetto to shape himself into the powerful political figure in this Western European city.

Marvin Rees is a ‘mixed race’ man in his 40’s. Having experienced poverty and racism in his life, he wants to shape the society he lives in and believes political office will give him the power to do so.

In 2012 he runs for mayor in Bristol, UK. The journey into politics hits him with rejection, failure and an inner struggle that eventually leads to the biggest challenge of his life. THE MAYOR’S RACE is about the desire to overcome doubt and the boundaries between social background and power.



director of photographyLoraine Blumenthal
directorLoraine Blumenthal
editorLucian BusseFinal Cut

Production companies

Blumenthal & Mitchell Produktion