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My Father, the Spy

  • Das Mädchen aus Ost-Berlin – Die unglaubliche Geschichte der Evelyn Dorn (German title)
  • People from Nowhere/The Daughter of a Spy (Working title)
Documentary Feature | 2018 | Biopic, Drama, Politics | Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Latvia
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Brief synopsis

Der Kalte Krieg war das Zeitalter der Spionage. Der Film erzählt ein Einzelschicksal aus dieser Zeit, die Geschichte der Ieva Lesinska alias Evelyn Dorn, das uns die historischen Herausforderungen der Zeit nacherleben lässt, in der die Welt in zwei unversöhnliche Hälften geteilt war - manchmal auf tragische, manchmal auch auf skurril-komische Weise.
Quelle: DFFF

In 1978, Ieva Lesinska was a university student in Soviet Latvia. She had just spent a heady month in New York visiting her father, Imants Lesinskis, a Soviet translator working at the United Nations. He was an employee of the KGB and a member of the Communist Party. During her trip to the US, Ieva’s father informed her that he and his wife Rasma were about to defect. He offered her a blunt choice: take a taxi to the Soviet Embassy and denounce him as a traitor, or stay with him and never see her mother or her homeland of Latvia again. She chose to stay.
The “new” family officially became East German immigrants with new identities: Peter and Linda Dorn, and their daughter Evelyn. They were citizens of nowhere who possessed re-entry permits but no passports. In 1985, soon after Mr. Lesinskis publicly disclosed confidential items on various KGB operations in Latvia, he died under mysterious circumstances. After his death, the CIA acknowledged that Mr. Lesinskis “had made a significant contribution to the US government and the Agency after his defection.” Nevertheless, the CIA declined to comment on the most intriguing element of the story Mr. Lesinskis told them in the 1980s – that he had served as a double agent for two decades working undercover for the KGB by day, and slipping secrets to the CIA by night.
This is the story of a young woman caught in the middle of spy games in which she had to make a choice, a choice that would sever her from her former life for good. She is our principal narrator and protagonist and we will join her on her journey as she searches for the truth about her father and the investigation of a Cold War in which she herself, unwittingly, took part.
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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Kristīne Jurjāne


director of photographyAigars Sērmukšs
directorJaak Kilmi
directorGints Grūbe
editorArmands Začs
producerAntra Gaile
producerGints Grūbe
co-producerJulietta Sichel8Heads Productions
co-producerJaak KilmiPimik
co-producerJörg BundschuhKick Film
screenwriterJaak Kilmi
screenwriterGints Grūbe
sound re-recording mixerMaik SiegleDeutsche Version

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Mistrus Media [lv]
8Heads Productions [cz]Koproduktion
Kick Film GmbH MünchenKoproduktion
Pimik Oü [ee]Koproduktion

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