The Other Fields

  • Die anderen Plätze (German title)
Documentary | 2016-2017 | Germany


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Brief synopsis

Every summer, when the major football teams fly their star athletes to training grounds in expensive and sunny locations,
some other players meet on a football field in Duisburg. Even though there are professional footballers, they are all unemployed.
And they look desperately for a job.


director of photographyMarco Kugel
director of photographySimon Quack
directorSimon Quack
directorMarco Kugel
editorSimon Quack
editorMarco Kugel
producerNico Hain
unit production managerNico Hain

Production companies

Sein & Hain Film


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Simon Quack2017Vision du Réel [ch]CompetitionNominated
Simon Quack2017Duisburger Filmwoche [de]WettbewerbNominated
Marco Kugel2017Vision du Réel [ch]CompetitionNominated
Marco Kugel2017Duisburger Filmwoche [de]WettbewerbNominated
Simon Quack2018dokKa [de]WettbewerbWinner
Marco Kugel2018dokKa [de]WettbewerbWinner