Riafn | © Petrolio Film
Short Documentary | 2018 | arte, ZDF [de] | Docu, Musical | Germany
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    Brief synopsis

    A cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps. Idiom, song, as well as calls and commands of farmers and shepherds are condensed to create a motion picture driven by local character and rhythm. Between artistic ideal and documentarian realism, the musical portrays a utopian site detached from the compulsive speed and accessibility of communication technology saturating modern life.
    Source: Petrolio Film


    director of photographyJakob Stark*Vision du Reel & *Winner at Oberhausen
    directorHannes Lang
    editorStefan Stabenow
    composerManuela Kerer
    producerHannes Lang
    producerMareike Wegener
    screenwriterHannes Lang
    screenwriterMareike Wegener
    production sound mixerPeter Rösner

    Production companies

    Petrolio Film GmbH [de]
    Arte [de/fr]Koproduktion
    ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen [de]Koproduktion