N!CO DIE WEBTALKSHOW Moderator Nico Gutjahr | © Nico Gutjahr / Foto: André Kowalski
TV-Show | 2018 | Talkshow | Germany

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Length of episode15
Broadcast datewöchentlich
Number of episodes52


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Brief synopsis

We are the fastest growing talk show in the YouTube with about 1.5 million clicks, more than 100 episodes and currently with two episodes per week on www.webtalkshow.de and YouTube! The secret of success: Real conversations instead of interviews and other questions to colorful guests from all areas such as German movie stars Moritz Bleibtreu und Karoline Herfurth, politician Gregor Gysi, professional boxer Ünsal Arik, presenter Vera Int-Veen, musicians Culcha Candela, "Bares für Rares"-host Horst Lichter, best-selling author Sebastian Fitzek, comedian Nicole Jäger, musicianBen Zucker, hip hop artist Afrob, YouTuber Fritz Meinecke and many more. Check also international episodes like this: https://www.webtalkshow.com/folgen/0060-sion-hill/


director of photographyRoland Wagner [1]
director of photographyAdnan Khatib
eng cameraSebastian Körner
directorNico Gutjahr
Sound Recordist (Non Fiction)Eduard Jan
Sound Recordist (Non Fiction)Ulrich Kalliske
presenterNico Gutjahr

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Nico Gutjahr Produktion