Das Liebesverbot | © Opus Arte / EuroArts
Stage Play Recording | 2016 | TVE [es] | Germany, Spain

    Brief synopsis

    Das Liebesverbot is one of Wagner‘s earliest operas - and yet, a central motive of many other works such as Tristan and Isolde is already clearly visible: The overpowering force of love and lust, that no law - manmade or otherwise - can tame. In this new co-production of the Teatro Real Madrid, the Royal Opera House Covent Garden of London and the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, we watch Isabella as she strives to free her brother from a cruel death penalty and the city of Palermo from the puritanical, joy-forsaking rule of a German bureaucrat.

    Christopher Maltman, Peter Lodahl, Ilker Arcayürek, David Alegret, David Jerusalem, Manuela Uhl, Mario Miró, María Hinojosa
    Teatro Real Chorus, Coro Intermezzo, Andrés Máspero (chorus master), Kasper Holten (stage director)
    Teatro Real Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid
    Ivor Bolton


    director János DarvasFernsehregie / TV Director
    1st assistant directorPedro Toscano
    producerIsabel Iturriagagoitia

    Production companies

     EuroArts Music International GmbH