Short Film | 2017-2018 | Animation, Art, Dance | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days7

Project data

Length of movie08.15

Brief synopsis

On her daily way home the protagonist Ksenia accidentally comes across the street-painter George.
Unimpressed by his illusionistic work – showing a deep abyss – Ksenia starts challenging the illusion by throwing a stone on the painted ground.

Drawing her closer with a magic trick, George makes her reach the edge of the painting. Ksenia stumbles and falls – right into the abyss – which turns real in that very moment.

Seconds later the two find themselves in a parallel cosmos.

Their steps turn into dancing taps, gestures into splashes of paint, their action into art and art into the creation of an own reality.

The story about the phantastic firework of the daydreamers and the consequences in our reality.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ksenia ParkhatskayaKsenia [L]
Liam ScullionGeorge [L]


Vfx producerToufik Abdedaim
Vfx supervisorMarc Zimmermann
Assistant vfx supervisorVincent Waltan
ColoristRobin Jünkersfeld
Director of photographyDominik Moos
1st assistant cameraClaudia Hector
2nd assistant cameraTim HerzhauserAlexa Studio
DIT digital imaging technicianSam Aron Handel
Still photographerChristopher Knickerbocker
Still photographerSamuel Gall
Still photographerBernd Hentschel
Costume designerCaroline Sasse
Assistant costume designerMartha Binder
DirectorJulie Boehm
1st AD (local system)Hannah Katharina Weissenborn
Script continuityElise Kranepuhl
Script continuityJörg Schmidt [3]
EditorTobias Wilhelmer
Assistant editorKira König
Key/dolly gripRobin Schwarz
Key/dolly gripKonstantin Pape
Key/dolly gripAndreas Kielb
Key/dolly gripStefan Belbe
GafferManuel Meinhardt
GafferJulian C. Steiner
Lighting technician / electricianAlexander Mühlbach
Lighting technician / electricianTimon Ott
Lighting technician / electricianMartin L. Ludwig
Lighting technician / electricianServet Öztürk
Lighting technician / electricianPhillip Kozuch
Lighting technician / electricianBenedict Uphoff
Lighting technician / electricianSimon Cai
Lighting technician / electricianThilan Stiller
Spot-/ truss-spot operatorJanis Hiemesch
Makeup artist / hair stylistElisabeth Harms
ComposerMarius Kirsten
ProducerAnn-Katrin Boberg
ProducerAleksandra Todorovic
Production designerMarian Korenika
Assistant production designerAlmut Fischer
Assistant production designerTimon Dangel
Set builder assistantDonat Mavleev
Set builder assistantLena Hagen
Set manager/ floor managerSebastian Johannsen
Set manager/ floor managerBenni Tomoff
Set manager/ floor managerLouis Wick
Set manager/ floor managerCornelius Schick
Set runnerAaron Kubach
Set runnerSophie Tutschke
Sound designerTobias Scherer
Caterer (assistance on set)Andreas Schloß
Caterer (assistance on set)Christian Arnold
Caterer (assistance on set)Theresa Bacza
Caterer (assistance on set)Bianca Laschalt
Caterer (assistance on set)Steve Bache
Caterer (assistance on set)Lena Lohfink
Caterer (assistance on set)Ela Duca
ConsultantChristian Strang: betreuender Dozent, Abt. Szenenbild


DecorationVerena Spatz MalereiPatina Set "rooftop"


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Marian Korenika2018Roots of Europe Int'l Filmfestival [es]Best Production DesignWinner
Julie Boehm2018Int. Hofer Filmtage [de]KurzfilmNominated
Julie Boehm2018Filmschau Baden-Württemberg [de]Nominated
Julie Boehm2018Int. Student Festival of Beijing Film Academy [cn]International CompetitionNominated
Marius Kirsten2019Deutscher Filmmusikpreis [de]Beste Musik im KurzfilmWinner
Marian Korenika2019Oxford Int. Short Film Festival [uk]Best Production DesignWinner


2019GermanyInt. Fünf Seen FilmfestivalNominiert für den Kurzfilmpreis