Design3 - Carl Robot | © Design3 // DOP - Johannes Ziegler
© Design3 // DOP - Johannes Ziegler

Design3 - Creating Carl. Robot

  • Design3 - 30 Years Designing what's Next (Working title)
Image Film | 2017 | Germany

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Number of shooting days2

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Length of movie2:18

    Brief synopsis

    We believe robots will be a part of our everyday lives in the near future. But how do we want them to support us best? To trigger this discussion we created „CARL“ - a robot study focussing on safety at home with a charming design that makes CARL fit into every modern interior.

    This is the story of how we created CARL.


    Director of photographyJohannes ZieglerRED RAVEN + SIGMA & CANON LENS SET
    DirectorChristian Striboll

    Production companies

    Brickbeach [de]