Short Film | 2017 | Western | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days2

Project data

Length of movie7 minutes

Brief synopsis

A horrible incident scars Iris, she starts reliving the same memories again and again until she starts to redefine and reimagine what happened to her. Now when she shares her story for the first time there are more than one storylines: What she is telling us, what everyone remembers happened, and the truth.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Hannah BrandesEight
Michael HoppeOliver
 Betty KaplanSeven
Josh MadryMark The Swimmer
 Ildiko PreszlyIris
 Rasmus Max WirthBarman


director of photographyVirgile Bikindou
director of photographyAlex DePew
1st assistant cameraOldrich Justa
costume designer Kitty Cheuk-wai Chau
director Ipek Sertöz
makeup artistSaskia Alexandra Wegner Zeballos
music supervisor Fanny Thera Harisch
production designer Kitty Cheuk-wai Chau
line producerKlaus Salminen
assistant production managerBetty Kaplan [1]
assistant production managerVincent Ecker
screenwriterDea Džankovic
screenwriter Ipek Sertöz
screenwriterMara Linsener
script editorKlaus Salminen
sound re-recording mixer Fanny Thera Harisch
sound designer Fanny Thera Harisch

Production companies

Ipek Sertöz Produktion [de]