Sebastian jumping Fences

  • Tränen der Veränderung / Tears of Change (Working title)
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Medium Length Film | 2016-2020 | Germany

Brief synopsis

Sebastian is growing up in Hannover. As the son of a single mother, he learns to be self-reliant at a very young age. As a teenager he falls in love with Betty. Through her, he gets to know a different family structure, one which has a great appeal to him. But soon tensions arise between him and the two worlds surrounding him. As a young man, he poses the question as to what remains of childhood dreams when one becomes an adult. The film tracks a young person through three periods of his life, on the journey to finding himself.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Joseph PeschkoSebastian [L]
Finn Freyer
Frederieke Morgenroth
Andreas SigristEgon Schröder [L]
Ambar de la Horran.n. [SR]
Henning Hartmannn.n. [SR]
Mathias Max HerrmannVater [SR]
Rajvir Alexander JohnstonHausmeister [SR]
Alina KoniecznyFreundin [SR]
Frederik ReentsKasimir [SR]


Director of photographyAlbrecht von GrünhagenArri Amira
DirectorCeylan-Alejandro Ataman-Checa
Freelance producerJörg Daniel
Freelance producerÖvnuc Güvenisik
Freelance producerCeylan-Alejandro Ataman-Checa
Freelance producerSimona Kostova
Production sound mixerErik Hartung

Production companies

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)


2020NetherlandsRotterdam International Film FestivalBright Future Competition