Short Film | 2015 | Switzerland

Shooting data

Number of shooting days1

Project data

Length of movie1:12 Min.
Picture formatWidescreen UNIVISIUM (35mm, 1 : 2)
Picture material negativeRedcode RAW 5K
Picture material positiveHD Stream 4:2:2
Sound formatStereo


Brief synopsis

We all have experienced first times. The first time you saw snow, the first time you laid eyes on your true love, the first time you got in a fight, the first time you had sex. Ever so often, these stories are worth telling, whether that is because your first time was funny, frightning, surprising, exiting or whatever.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Kevin Mike MinderFremder


Director of photographyLukas Linder
DirectorPaulus Bruegmann
EditorTobias Straka

Production companies

SwissFilmmakers, Tobias Straka [ch]