The Eternal Life of Alexander Christoforov / Vechnaya zhizn Aleksandra Khristoforova

  • Eternal Life of Aleksandr Khristoforov / Вечная жизнь (Working title)
Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Adventure, Comedy | Russia


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Brief synopsis

The misanthrope Alexander Christoforov, nicknamed "Alec", is an hopeless loser. the actor, who was celebrated in Soviet era as the hero of "Eugene Onegin", is carving out a depressing existence as a bad paid figure of a ridicule historical show. Despised by his ex-wife, alienated from his son, Alec has ttotally screwed up his life. Bur when diagnosed with a mortal illness, he sets of on a ludicrous tour de force at the end of which a piece of eternity surprisingly awaits him... A comedy with a happy end.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Aleksei GuskovAleksandr Khristoforov [L]
Oksana FanderaMargo [L]
Roman KurtsynZhenya [L]
Polina PushkarukNicole [L]
Igor UgolnikovDirector Ignatyich [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyArthur Gimpel
Director's DepartmentdirectorEvgenyi Shelyakin
EditingeditorDaniel Ovrutskiy
MusiccomposerArtiom Fedotov
MusiccomposerMikhail Morskov
ProducerproducerAleksei Guskov
ProducerproducerYakov Drabkin
Production Designproduction designer Agi Dawaachu
ScreenplayscreenwriterEvgenyi Shelyakin
ScreenplayscreenwriterVyacheslav Omutov

Production companies

58,5 Production [ru]
Pro Cinema [ru]