Rückschlag  | © Journey Pictures
© Journey Pictures
Short Film | 2017 | Action | Germany

Project data

Length of movie14 Min

Brief synopsis

Lara (Jessica Honz) is training for a boxing match. She is a good boxer but nobody wants to spar her. Only when the young boxer Max (Olaf Legner) takes care on her does she have a competitive partner who can take her on. Boxing is not about aggression or power, or beeing able to take a punch. It's about beeing able to take it and to take it further, to continue, no matter what it takes. Stay strong, stand up for yourself.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jessica Honz
Lara [L]
Olaf LegnerMax [L]
Manuel NeroFlo [SR]


Director of photographyJoachim Lindenmann
DirectorToby Oliver [1]Tobias Kerll
Script supervisorNadia Zimmermann1 DT
EditorToby Oliver [1]aka Toby Oliver
Makeup artist / hair stylistVanessa Lange
ComposerAmadeus Lindenmann
ProducerOlaf Legner
Production designerMona Barmeier
ScreenwriterSamuel Gheist
ScreenwriterToby Oliver [1]aka Toby Oliver

Production companies

Journey Pictures


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Toby Oliver [1]2017Filmschau Baden-WürttembergKurzfilmeNominated