Documentary (Series) | 2017 | National Geographic | Architecture, History | Great Britain


  • NAZI MEGASTRUCTURES - R: Sid Bennett - 2017 - National Geographic

Brief synopsis

This series of Nazi Megastructures follows a team of experts on a dark journey from the Arctic Circle to Southern Italy, from the Death Camps of Poland to the inside of Hitler’s rolling HQ aboard his personal train, as they uncover a Nazi world that has been hidden for decades. Using drama reconstructions, carefully crafted CGI and rarely seen archive, each episode unravels the personal stories of the men who designed, built and operated Hitler’s terrifying mega weapons.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Ryan Wichert
Bruno Manz [SS]


Director's DepartmentdirectorSid Bennett
Producerexecutive producerErika Dodd

Production companies

Darlow Smithson Productions [uk]