Ursul / The Bear | © Libra Film
Feature Film | 2009 | Comedy, Road Movie | Romania

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Length of movie80 Min.

Brief synopsis

“The Bear” is a road-movie placed in Romania in the early '90s. The new director of the State Circus is trying to solve the institutions financial problems by selling the only bear - old and dying – to a German hunter. But, driven by a passion for craftsmanship and love for bear, the artists from the circus are against the director and follow him to the location where the transaction would take place.

Full of unexpected adventures experienced by the bear, circus employees, and all those who make their way out make “The Bear” the comedy of the year in Romania.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Șerban PavluPanduru [L]
Claudiu BleontMarcelino [L]
Gabriel SpahiuCicanica [L]
 Axel MoustacheTarantino [SR]


director of photographyVivi Dragan Vasile
directorDan Chisu
editorNita Chivulescu
composerGoran Bregovic
production designerDan Toader
screenwriterDan Chisu

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