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O poveste de dragoste, Lindenfeld / Lindenfeld, a love story

  • A Love Story, Lindenfeld (Working title)
Feature Film | 2013-2014 | Drama | Romania

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Length of movie95

Brief synopsis

Ulli left Romania for Germany in 1945, at a time of great political insecurity. A TV documentary reminds him of his roots, stirring up the desire to return. As he attempts to restore the deserted village of his youth, Ulli rekindles a 60-year old romance with his childhood sweetheart, Helga. Director Radu Gabrea and lead-actress Victoria Cocias scheduled to attend.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Victor RebengiucUlli Winkler [L]
Victoria CociasHelga [L]
 Alexandru MihaescuDieter [L]
Horatiu CovlescuUlli Winkler (17 Jahre) [SR]
Mircea DiaconuOskar [SR]
 Axel MoustacheHarald Kerber [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyGeorge Dascalescu
Costume Departmentcostume designerIlina Svetlana Mihailescu
Director's DepartmentdirectorRadu Gabrea
Director's Department1st assistant directorDaniel Barbulescu
EditingeditorMelania Mihaela Oproiu
ProducerproducerRadu Gabrea
Production Designproduction designerMadalina Marinescu
ScreenplayscreenwriterRadu Gabrea
ScreenplayscreenwriterAdrian Lustig
Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerConstantin Fleancu

Production companies

Orion Film SRL [ro]