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Brief synopsis

Two people from Myanmar, who have nothing in common apart from a shared identity as illegal immigrants, meet in Bangkok. She means the whole world to him, but she desperately tries to climb up the social ladder. Eventually, the fate leads them to the inevitable tragedy.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Wu Ke-XiLianqing [L]
Kai KoGuo [L]


director of photographyTom Fan
directorMidi Z
editorMathieu Laclau
assistant editor - soundDuu-Chih Tu
gafferHu Yu-Hao
makeup artist / hair stylistWang Chia-Ying
composerLim Giong
producerPatrick Mao Huang
producerMidi Z
co-producerAditya Assart
co-producerVincent Wang
co-producer Katharina Suckale
co-producerZhao De-Fu
co-producerDominique Welinski
co-producerArfi Lamba
associate producerChou Shih Yung
associate producerAster Law
associate producerDennis Wu
production designerAkekarat Homlaor
screenwriterMidi Z

Distributing companies

Urban Distribution International (UDI) [fr]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Midi Z2016Venice Film Festival [it]Fedeora AwardWinner
Midi Z2016The Golden Horse Awards [tw]Life AchievementWinner
Midi Z2016Festival Int. du Film D’Amiens [fr]Grand PrizeWinner
Midi Z2017Filmfest MünchenInternational IndependentsNominated
Midi Z2018Locarno Festival [ch]Open Doors ScreeningsNominated