Short Film | 2015-2016 | Drama | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsUK, Schweden

Project data

Length of movie14 Min.

Brief synopsis

The discovery of a murdered man reawakens unpleasant memories from the past. With obsessive determination to find the killer, and haunted by the past, Inspector Bryce McAvoy embarks on a journey that takes him through a labyrinth of lies and mistaken identities, and which ultimately leads him to face who he truly is.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Anton Korppi-Tommola
Bryce McAvoy [L]


director of photography Manuel RugeBlack magic CC
costume designerDorota Krynicka
directorArnd Kosmack
screenwriterGeorg Neubert
screenwriterArnd Kosmack

Production companies

Body Farm Productions, Arnd Kosmack GbR [de]