Enge & Voelkers - Föhr / Amrum - Kinopost | © Highlife Media GmbH
© Highlife Media GmbH
Commercial | 2017 | Germany

Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days2
LocationsDeutschland, Föhr

Project data

Length of movie0.30


    Director of photographyJohannes ZieglerARRI ALEXA + Ultra Primes
    Director of photographyFlorian Hornung
    Steadicam operatorJohannes ZieglerARRI ALEXA + Ultra Prime Lenses
    DirectorNelis Friedrichs
    EditorNelis Friedrichs
    ProducerMarc Fabrega
    Co-producerMarius Schulz
    Adr mixerDennis Schnichels
    Adr mixerMarvin Burchert

    Production companies

    Highlife Media GmbH