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© Botchcofilm
Feature Film | 2016-2018 | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | Germany

Shooting data


Project data

Length of movie87 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Sound formatdts (5.1, 6 channels)

Brief synopsis

Two unsuccessful film producers, desperately in need of money and always in bad
luck, think that making a pornographic film is their last and only hope. Assuming
porn films are a pure goldmine they hope for cash big time and thus the possibility
of making movies for the more demanding consumer. Not being the two most
intelligent creatures on earth, they keep slithering into bewildering, disturbing and
chaotic situations.
With meager camera equipment and a huge amount of debt they start the shooting.
Shortly afterwards while filming on the set of a cursed estate a demon brings
everything into uproar taking possession of the leading actresses body.
Supernatural events follow, unceasingly growing which climax in blood feast
splatter scenes.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Nicolás Artajo
Daniel Jebsen [L]
Dieter Landuris
Prediger [L]
Barbara PrakopenkaSasha Blue [L]
Nicolas SzentBen Jebsen [L]
Milton WelshBarkeeper [GS]
Hans-Jürgen AlfHausmeister [SR]
Mai Duong KieuTochter [SR]
Gregor MarvelToy Representative [SR]
Thomas Schmuckert
Lederkalle [SR]
Lutz SchneiderPage [SR]
Annika StraussLeonie [SR]
Sesede TerziyanSchamanin [SR]
Judith WegnerAnnika [SR]
Ben ZimmermannProduzent [SR]


Director of photographyJohannes Funk
DirectorEzra Tsegaye
ScreenwriterSebastian Kühne
ScreenwriterEzra Tsegaye
Production sound mixerFrank BubenzerDialogschnitt, Sound Design

Production companies

Botchco Films, Ezra Tsegaye [de]

Distributing companies

Starcloser [de]Verleih Deutschland


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Ezra Tsegaye2018Horrorant Film Festival Fright Nights [gr]Best FilmNominated
Botchco Films, Ezra Tsegaye [de]2018Anatomy Crime and Horror Film Festival [gr]Best Special Effects: all categoriesWinner
Botchco Films, Ezra Tsegaye [de]2018Calcutta Int. Cult Film Festival [in]Best Horror Film & Best Cult Classic FilmWinner


2019United KingdomHorror On Sea Film Festival
2018GreeceHorrorant Film Festival Fright Nights
2018IndiaCalcutta International Cult Film Festival
2018GreeceAnatomy Crime and Horror Film Festival
2018AustriaFright Nights – Das ultimative Festival der Angst
2018GermanyIndigo Filmfest


Theatre releaseAustriaThursday, 18/10/2018
Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 18/10/2018
Theatre releaseSwitzerlandThursday, 18/10/2018