Spec Commercial | 2016-2017 | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsEsslingen, Ludwigsburg

Project data

Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material negativeProRes

Brief synopsis

About the sense of temporal dimension during a 100 meter sprint


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyMaximilian Pittner
Camera Departmentscuba camera operator David Dincer
Director's DepartmentdirectorJohannes Geier
Director's DepartmentdirectorJonas Vahl
Director's Department1st assistant directorLuca Homolka
Gripkey/dolly grip Sascha RongeKey Grip
Gripgrip assistant Manuel Musch
Gripcrane operator Sascha RongeCrane Technician (Remote)
Gripremote Head technician Sascha RongeScorpio Classic Head - 3 Axis
Lightingelectrician Larius Kieninger
LightingelectricianMarkus Guserle
Production Designproduction designer Maike Kiefer
Sound Post Productionsound re-recording mixer Moritz Drath
Sound Post Productionsound designer Moritz Drath

Production companies

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]