Feature Film | 2018-2019 | Youth | Germany
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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Laila ZieglerBerenike von Bödecker [L]
Frau Ackermann - Flötenlehrerin [SR]
 Stefanie BockPraktikantin [SR]
 Amelie LammersEmma [SR]
 Verena LeendersFrau Ackermann - Flötenlehrerin [SR]
 Christina SchumacherFrau v. Bödecker (Mutter von Berenike) [SR]
 Mareile BlendlMutter [BP]


Accounting Dept.production controller Bernhard Speck
Accounting Dept.production accountantPetra Junk
Accounting Dept.accountant Petra Lacoste Aleman
Camera Departmentdirector of photographyDaniel Gottschalk
Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Martin Lippert
Camera Department1st assistant camera Johnny FeurerA-Camera
Camera Department1st assistant camera Tord ErhardMini / B-Cam, Steadicam
Camera Department2nd ac second assistant camera Celine Lardon
Camera Department2nd ac second assistant camera Kaja Styczynska
Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technician Tyzian Masik


Department CompanyComment
CameraGrip Maier Bros. GmbH
CameraGrip Stefan Visse-Hövels FahraufnahmenTrailer
In Front of the CameraAnimals for Film pferde STUNT pferdeHorseMaster
In Front of the CameraExtras/Bit Player Producer´s Friend GmbHNRW & BAYERN
In Front of the CameraStunts Michael Mohr Stuntteam
LightingLighting and Utilities Maier Bros. GmbH
ProductionFinance/Law/Insurance adag Payroll Services GmbHKomparsenabrechnung
ProductionProduction Services BPS-Gruppe.com Beraten Planen SchützenTag Nachtwachen
ProductionProduction Services CP/SicherheitSet Wache
ProductionProduction Services JOLA-RentMaske,Garderobe,Casst aufenthalte