Söhnlein Brillant - Schenk' Deinem Tag ein Prickeln

  • Söhnlein Brillant - Prickeln. Prickeln. Prickeln (Working title)
Commercial | 2016 | Germany


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyPascal Walder
Camera Department1st assistant camera Carsten Pieck
Camera Department2nd assistant camera Karina Genis
Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technician Christian SaureARRI Alexa Mini
Director's DepartmentdirectorTom Kolinski
Director's Departmentstoryboard artist Maximilian Vogel


Department CompanyComment
In Front of the CameraCasting IM OFF Berlin, Janna Schultz-Braun
ProductionProduction Services Vollbart Catering, Bartlick & Vollbrecht GbRCrew Catering