8:30 | © Nasmyth & Leitner
Feature Film | 2015-2017 | Drama, Experimental, Mystery | Austria

Brief synopsis

8:30 follows the observations of an average young man who finds himself stranded in a desert-like suburb in some sort of infinite loop.

An unsuspecting train journey turns into an odyssey as it repeatedly brings the protagonist back to the same train station. The film does not try to explain this phenomenon, yet moreover observes the effect it has on him and comments on the fine line we walk between ‘reality’ and fiction.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Florian NoldenIsaak [L]
Angelica CastelloAngelica [SR]
Gordon CatlinNews Anchor [SR]
Jonas FeferleTalk Show Host [SR]
 Miriam FontaineTelenovela Actress [SR]
Denis KaralicDenis [SR]
 Johanna KönigTeleshopping Verkäuferin [SR]
 Verena SpieszKellnerin [SR]


Costume Departmentcostume designerCarola Pizzini
Director's DepartmentdirectorLaura Nasmyth
Director's DepartmentdirectorPhilip Leitner
EditingeditorLaura Nasmyth
Makeup Departmentmakeup artist / hair stylistDesiree Schloffer
MusiccomposerDavid Schweighart
ProducerproducerLaura Nasmyth
ProducerproducerIoanes H. Sinderman
Production Designproduction designer Katharina Haring
Production Designproduction designerNina Salak
Production Designset decoratorAntoinette Höring
ScreenplayscreenwriterPhilip Leitner
ScreenplayscreenwriterLaura Nasmyth
Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerDaniel Lercher
Sound Post Productionsound designerBernhard Zorzi

Production companies

 Filmagio Cine Produktion

Distributing companies

 aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency
Déjà-vu Film UG (haftungsbeschränkt) [de]Theatrical Germany


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 02.08.2018