Documentary | 2011-2012 | Chile

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Length of movie90'


  • ISIDORA - R: Christian Aylwin - 2011


  • Trailer Film Isidora

Brief synopsis

ISIDORA is a documentary film that dives into the life and work of Chilean playwright Isidora Aguirre (1919-2011). It makes us travel in time and space, recreating, with renowned actors, her major plays among the 30 she wrote. Mixing family records, life diaries and interviews she gave when she was 91, the film becomes a creative biography of the author of the most famous Chilean musical: "La Pergola de la Flores" ("The Flower Stand"). It also reflects social and political issues related in her plays, utopias that could not be and conflicts that are still in force in Latin America. (


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Amalia KassaiMaggy (Femme Fatale) [SR]


Director's DepartmentdirectorChristian Aylwin
Director's Departmentco-directorNicolas Superby

Production companies

Ovo Films [cl]