Short Feature Film | 2010 | Israel

Main data

DirectorDalit Arnold
Written byDalit Arnold
ProductionSapir College [il]

Project data

Length of movie20

Brief synopsis

Lena, a Swiss stills photographer, breaks off her relationship with her Israeli boyfriend one month after following him to Tel Aviv. All she wants is to leave everything behind and return back to Switzerland. However, she is forced to stay another week to perform an urgent assignment for the Swiss newspaper she works for – pictures for a story about the missile stricken city of Sderot. Lena won’t make it to Sderot. She finds herself wandering in Tel Aviv, taking a journey into a foreign city that results in the reexamination of her life (


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Albert Aliasn.n. [L]
 Monica AmgwerdLena [L]


Director's DepartmentdirectorDalit Arnold
ProducerproducerDalit Arnold
ProducerproducerLavi Vanounou
ScreenplayscreenwriterDalit Arnold

Production companies

Sapir College [il]