Short Feature Film | 2016 | Switzerland

Shooting data

Number of shooting days3
LocationsCH - Zürich

Brief synopsis

The short film is an adaption of the Grimm Brother’s ‘Hänsel and Gretel’ fairy tale. It tells the story of Hans and Greta, who work for their father in his law firm. A conniving stepmother Courtney has weaseled her way into (Karl`s), the father's affection. She dislikes the two siblings - Hans and Greta - because they remind her of the father’s love for his former wife and keep her from becoming name partners with the father in his law firm. Courtney wants to get rid of Hans and Greta in the firm. She is able to trick Hans into taking a case; prosecuting a wealthy pharmaceutical company owner named Mr. Cariesman. Karl, who is veiled to Courtney's true intentions - allows Hans to take the case without knowing of the repercussions. Through Courtney's corruption, Hans who is still a young and unexperienced lawyer gets into trouble unfairly, and loses his license to practice law. Through Greta’s expertise Courtney is the one who ends up losing her law license eventually. Greta redeems Hans, but Hans realizes that Greta is the one still caught in a kind of prison through her unforgiveness towards Courtney...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Jack NobleHans [L]
Charlotte PeakGreta [L]
 Sabine RossbachCourtney Freeman [L]


Director's DepartmentdirectorNathalie Lamprecht
Production Designproduction designerMarc Friedrich [1]