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Viy 2

  • The Mystery of Dragon Seal: Journey to China (Working title)
Feature Film | 2015-2018 | Adventure, Fantasy | Russia

Shooting data

Start of shooting28.03.2015
End of shooting30.03.2016
Number of shooting days113
LocationsMoscow, Prague, Beijing

Project data

Picture material negativeARRI RAW
Picture material positiveIMAX

    Brief synopsis

    The Russian Czar Peter the Great commissions Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng), an English traveler, to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire. Green sets off on yet another long journey, full of unbelievable adventures, which eventually leads him to China. On his way, the famous cartographer makes breathtaking discoveries, meets mysterious creatures, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of oriental martial arts, and even Lun Van, the King of Dragons, himself. (


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Arnold SchwarzeneggerJames Hook [L]
    Jackie ChanMaster [L]
    Charles DanceLord Dudley [L]
    Rutger HauerAmbassador [L]
    Xingtong YaoChen / Witch-Princess [L]
    Anna ChurinaMiss Dudley [SR]
    Christopher FairbankOld Man [SR]
    Jason FlemyngJonathan Green [SR]


    director of photographyIvan Gudkov
    2nd unit dopDenis Panov
    3rd unit dopEugene Makulov
    remote camera operatorDimitriy Cheshikhin
    DIT digital imaging technicianMartine Mecko
    DIT digital imaging technicianSantiago Gerpe RosellQTake 3D - 2nd Unit - 8 shooting days
    DIT digital imaging technicianFelix Rauch2nd Unit
    stereographerMarcus Zaiser
    stereographerSarah Rotter
    stereographerFlorian MaierLead Stereographer
    Stereoscopic TechnicianJens Hallmann
    Stereoscopic TechnicianDaniel Lindlbauer
    Stereoscopic TechnicianClaudio Köhl2016-2017 , 86 DT China
    Stereoscopic TechnicianAndre Pfennig
    Stereoscopic TechnicianAndreas Schmidbauer
    directorOleg Stepchenko
    1st assistant directorMaxim Malinin
    crane operatorSergey Kopylov
    producerAlexey Petrukhin
    co-producerSergey Selyanov
    production designerArthur Mirzoyan
    screenwriterDmitry Paltsev
    screenwriterAlexey Petrukhin
    screenwriterOleg Stepchenko
    action directorHe Jun
    stuntman/womanWang Zhenwei
    stuntman/womanBilly D. Lucas

    Production companies

    CTB Film Company [ru]
    RFG Film Company [ru]


    Cameras and UtilitiesStereotec