The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia Poster | ©Filip Halo
©Filip Halo
Indie Feature Film | 2015-2020 | Horror, Psychodrama, Thriller | Germany
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Main data

Shooting data

LocationsMünster (NRW), Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Rheine, Holland

Project data

Length of movie110 Min
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material positiveRedcode RAW 4K
Sound formatSDDS (7.1, 8 channels)

Brief synopsis

The Darkest Nothing
Chapter 5: Paraphrenia - William turns his radical psychotherapy into a Red Room live show for a Deep Web site, with tons of special effects and projection mapping. The show focuses on female patients, who suffer from traumatic experiences, all under the code name “JUDY . It is not clear if the show is staged or the real thing...

The theory of healing a traumatic experience, by exposing the patient to a fictional more traumatic past, is something that William already paid a huge price for, with the blood of 5 people on his hands. The problem with the theory was the fact, that no person's mind can be convinced about fictional events, unless they feel real and they are three-dimensional.

With the help of his crew, William is now able to use technology and special effects to create the ultimate experience and realistic illusions for the patient. In order to cover the cost for such an epic show, he divides it into two acts, the sessions and a gruesome macabre show, that is live streamed on a Deep Web onion site, similar to the infamous Red Room legendary torturing sites, where viewers are willing to pay for seeing a person mangled in pieces. He does the sessions normally as William and he introduces Neuron as the master of the RED ROOM freak show.

His biggest enemy and possibly the most dangerous person alive is stalking him and discovers his identity and location by chance, after watching the show. Now it's a matter of life and death, no more limitations for the live show...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Vanessa BarreJudy [L]
Sofia FilonosJudy [L]
Piet BaltissenJack [SR]
Philip Barth
Mark [SR]
Daniel BrachLars [SR]
Ulrich GüntherRaud [SR]
Filip HaloWilliam [SR]
Paul HantzschAnthony [SR]
Jose HildalgoMils [SR]
Kristina KostivJessica [SR]
Marielle Ronja PrinzMarion [SR]
Matthias SchmidtButcher [SR]
Silke SimonGrimhilda [SR]


Director of photographyFilip Halo
Director of photographyKonstantinos Vamvakousis
Director of photographyPhilipp Peißen
2nd unit dopMarkus Baumeister
Still photographerKonstantinos Vamvakousis
DirectorFilip Haloaka Filip Halo
EditorFilip Halo
ProducerFilip Halo
ScreenwriterFilip Haloaka Filip Halo
Special effects supervisorFilip Halo

Production companies

Incubofilms, Filip Chalatsis [de]