Indie Feature Film | 2012-2014 | Germany

Main data

Project data

Length of movie90'
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)

Brief synopsis

BUSCHOW is the story about a relationship. It’s an ideal relationship, that’s shit. Two people in their mid-twenties are on vacation in a summer cottage in the woods. They don’t understand each other’s feelings, so they try to speak, about models of loving, about themselves, about love. Yet their different languages don’t really allow them to meet, it’s only through play that they can come together. Garden, house, and forest are the playground for their fairytale. (


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Laura Sophia BeckerSie [L]


director of photographyStefan Röben
costume designerMariam Frick
directorRosa Friedrich
editorMarkus Morkötter
editorRosa Friedrich
freelance producerMarkus Kaatsch
production designerStefan Röben
production designerJohanna Ballon

Production companies

aug&ohr medien